Top 100 least-safe cities; shockingly New York NOT on the list

Posted: 5:00 PM, May 12, 2013
Updated: 2013-05-12 17:00:26-04

Bloomberg brags about drop in NYC crime rate

(PIX11)– Everyday in New York City you hear about crime; murders, robberies, burglaries, rapes, stick ups, people getting mugged, stabbings, shootings and so much more.

So you ask yourself, are you safe?

Well there’s a list of the 100 least-safe cities in the country and surprisingly no New York State city or town made that list.

Most of the cities seem to be in the south and the western parts of the country.

Industry, California leads the pack with the number one spot.

Some of the cities closer to home include Camden, New Jersey at number 67 and Atlantic City at number 80.

To see the full list courtesy of, click here.