Missing Kansas girl; bodies found, arrest made

Posted at 1:00 PM, May 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-12 13:01:22-04


KANSAS (CNN)– An 18-month-old girl is now presumed dead days after the bodies of her mother and two others were found on a Kansas farm.

Lana-Leigh Bailey was reported missing along with her mother last week.

The mother, 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey, the mother’s boyfriend and his roommate were found dead in Ottawa on Monday.

The Franklin County Sheriff says extra man power has been called in to help in the search for the baby.

“We are still at the crime scene. We have done a very thorough search. As you know other night, we brought in search and rescue dog to go through that area again. But we’re going to leave no stone unturned literally. We’re out there and we’re going to continue searching.  As leads come in and there’s additional information we’re going to continue to follow up on that where that goes.”

27-year old Kyle Trevor Flack has been arrested on charges of first degree murder.