Cops detonate suspicious device prompting partial shutdown of NJ neighborhood

Posted at 9:44 AM, May 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-10 09:44:18-04

CLIFTON, New Jersey (PIX11) — A suspicious device found in a Clifton, New Jersey thrift shop brought an 8-block area to a standstill, forcing the evacuation of a neighborhood and the shutdown of Route 46.

It all  started with a retired pizza shop owner watching the TV show Storage Wars, thinking what many viewers probably think — Hey I want to do that.

Mike Hamadat started buying storage units at auction and selling the contents according to his wife Renee Dimitros.  Two months ago they opened up a store called New 4 You in Clifton.

On Thursday, when they were going through stuff they bought at an auction in Paterson, Hamadat came across an obscure device.

“I thought it might be some kind of S & M thing because it had straps on it,” Renee told PIX 11. “But then while Mike was playing with it suddenly lights come on.”

Renee says she new it might be a bomb immediately and took a picture of it. They called 911 and cops came and used a robot to get it out and detonate it. No one was hurt.

Renee says the stuff in storage  belonged to a guy who was music mixer for movies  in California and that he shipped it back East but died before claiming it. No word yet on if the device was a bomb but cops say it sure looked like one.