Suspect linked to terror cell plot arrested in New York

Posted at 4:33 PM, May 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-09 21:03:36-04

NEW YORK (PIX11) — A Tunisian man has been arrested in New York in connection with a terrorist plot to attack trains headed to New York from Canada.

According to authorities, Ahmed Abassi was arrested on April 22 and is accused of trying to build a terrorism cell while staying in the U.S. illegally.


Abassi was arraigned last week on visa fraud charges, officials said.

He reportedly arrived in the United States in mid-March and was meeting regularly with an undercover FBI agent. Abassi also met with another Tunisian citizen who arrested last month in a foiled plot in Canada to derail a New York-bound train.

Authorities believe Abassi was seeking to stay in the U.S. to develop a network of terrorists.