Cops searching for killer after NJ woman found strangled to death

Posted at 9:36 AM, May 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-09 10:33:42-04

ELIZABETH (PIX11) — Cops are in the midst of a murder investigation in Elizabeth, New Jersey after a guy strangled one woman to death and choked another till she was unconscious.

According to authorities, it all unraveled just a block and a half from city hall.

Sources are telling PIX 11 and we are trying to confirm through police that 2 women were inside a top floor apartment at 120 Madison avenue around 11pm Wednesday night when a guy they apparently knew arrived.

The guy and one of the women, went to a room in the back of the apartment to talk and the guy strangled her. We’re told that the second woman became suspicious because they had been gone too long and went to investigate.

When she opened the door she found the victim face down with a piece of fabric around her neck and dead.  At that point the 2nd woman was grabbed and choked until she was unconscious according to a source. When the woman awakened she ran screaming to her neighbor for help.

” She just said help me, help me, help me.” said Susan Johnson. ” She was really crying.”  asked if she described what was happening in the apartment Johnson told PIX11 “She just said she couldn’t wake her up.  She asked me to call the police.”

One witness reported seeing a man running from the building. Sources say the woman was rushed to the hospital and later released.  Police have not confirmed the details. The investigation is continuing.