Howard helps Sandy victim unfairly charged by computer leasing company

Posted at 9:59 PM, May 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-08 21:59:24-04

Diane Liello is a victim of Hurricane Sandy.  It flooded her hair salon in Rockaway Park.  She was out of business for months until she could find a new location nearby.

Then she felt she was being victimized again by her computer leasing company, MBF Leasing.  She was paying them monthly for a loss/destruction waiver.  That waiver could let her out of her lease in the event that the equipment was destroyed.  Diane called MBF and spoke with a supervisor.

“(I) informed her I don’t have business and I have no need for a new computer system right now. When we don’t have business, can they let me out of the lease?  She says no, this is not what we do.”

Even after Sandy the company held Diane to the lease.  OK, she thought, she’s getting the new facility ready. She’ll use MBF to get replacement equipment.

“You’re billing me. You’re taking the money.  I’m getting my business back together. Just send me the replacement. With that she said we don’t have it. You don’t have it? Okay, then let me out of the lease!

Still no good.  She says MBF offered her a credit card machine that she didn’t need.  Frustrated, out hundreds of dollars and getting nowhere, she contacted Help Me Howard.

Howard packed up Diane’s ruined equipment in a box and went with her to MBF’s midtown office.  They were asked to wait outside. Howard overheard a guy on the phone talking about the supervisor with whom Diane dealt.  The man turned out to be the Director of Northern Leasing, a company affiliated with MBF.  He brought Diane inside and a few minutes later she came out smiling, her release in hand.

“I’m out!” Diane exclaimed as she gave Howard a hug of thanks.  No more MBF equipment lease.