Chris Christie, peeved at ‘silly’ media, says he’s no ‘role model’ for weight-loss surgery

Posted at 5:25 PM, May 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-07 17:28:58-04

N.J.  Gov.  Chris Christie slammed the media’s “shallow” and “silly” coverage of his recent weight-loss surgery.

Christie revealed that he got lap-band surgery 12 weeks ago and said he made the decision “for his family.”

At Tuesday’s news conference, Christie called the attention to his weight was “silly” and that, “for this kind of attention to be drawn to the fact I’m pursuing a weight-loss measure I think shows just how really shallow a lot of this coverage has become.”

When asked why he kept the surgery secret, Christie responded with, “It’s nobody else’s business. From my perspective and my family’s perspective, the step’s I’ve taken recently are for me, Mary Pat and the kids.”

Christie said the surgery was done for his long-term health and not to “feel better tomorrow.”

The governor said the issue shouldn’t be about anyone else.

“Everybody’s gonna have opinions, as is obvious from this scrum of people here today,” Christie said. “With all due respect to everybody here, your opinions on this issue don’t really matter a whole hell of a lot to me.”