Mike Gray dies of heart failure at 77

Posted at 1:16 AM, May 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-04 13:18:48-04


PIX11 – Writer of The China Syndrome, Mike Gray has died. According to his family members, Gray passed of heart failure on Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles.

Gray was not only a screenwriter but an activist.

As a writer and film maker, Gray used his voice to address social issues, race, drug problems in America and nuclear power plant safety issues.

Gray is most known for his eye-opening film, The China Syndrome.

The 1979 film is about a reporter witnessing an accident at a nuclear power plant. The main character finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy and uncovers secrets regarding safety.

Weeks after the film’s release the worst accident in U.S. commercial power plant history took place in Pennsylvania.

The Three Mile Accident was a partial nuclear meltdown that released radioactive gases and iodine into the environment.

This accident solidified Gray’s work his film.

Gray was nominated for an Oscar for The China Syndrome.

He died at age 77.