WATCH IT: Reese Witherspoon arrest video released

Posted at 1:32 PM, May 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-03 13:32:07-04

Reese Witherspoon ‘deeply embarrassed’ for pulling out celeb card during arrestTMZ got its hands on police dashcam video of the headline-making arrest of Academy award winner Reese Witherspoon.

The A-list actress was taken into custody last month while her husband was busted for driving drunk and the newly released video that captures the moment she pulled out her celebrity card.

“Do you know who I am? Do you know my name?” she is heard telling the arresting police officer. “Well you’re going to find out who I am.”

Reese was arrested on an obstruction charge. On Thursday, her lawyer entered a no contest plea on her behalf.

Witherspoon has apologized since then and claims she’s deepy embarrased by the whole thing.