People 260 pounds and up can’t rent bikes, according to Citi Bike Share agreement

Posted at 11:09 PM, May 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-02 23:09:38-04

Details of the Citi Bike Share user agreement are rubbing riders the wrong way.  There is a weight restriction on renting a bike.

On a perfect spring day, pedaling around the city can be a breeze.

“Yes, it’s all different clientele for different bikes”, said Dan Rush, owner of Sid’s Bike Shop on East 34th Street.

Rush, who operates the shop and rents bikes to riders looking to enjoy the weather, said this is the busiest time of the year.

“No riding skills are needed to rent a bike.  All you need is your credit card and your ID,” said Rush.

And soon, you won’t have to look far to get a set of wheels for the day.  Kiosks for the Citi Bike Share program are being installed and later this month 6,000 bikes across Manhattan and Brooklyn will be available to rent.  Under one condition, you weigh less than 260 pounds.

A spokesperson for the program says the user agreement states you need to be under 260 pounds to rent a bike.  All riders are required to sign the agreement before checkout.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I am totally comfortable on this bike.  I ride around the city. I do not consider myself overweight,” said Rickey Simmons.

Simmons, who is 270 pounds, considers the restriction discriminatory. “It definitely is.”

Bike experts said most frames are built to hold just about any weight.  And according to the Department of Transportation, the agency overseeing the program, they agree.  A spokesperson said the agency does not plan to enforce the weight rule and that it was just a suggestion from the manufacture.

Riders were relieved — especially since they said Mayor Bloomberg’s goal when launching this program was to encourage New Yorkers to get active.

“I thought that was the whole point to promote health and wellness,” Simmons said.