Queens man allegedly admits to killing mother’s retired postal worker boyfriend

Posted at 7:18 PM, May 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-05-01 22:52:06-04

RIDGEWOOD, Queens- NYPD detectives canvassed the neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens throughout the day Thursday.  Crime scene tape cordon off the area of 1886 Putnam Avenue less than 24 hours after authorities say the body of Frank Soucie was unearthed in the backyard.

“Sloppy. Very sloppy, disturbed dirt,” is how Dora Lindemann describes the dirt pile that suddenly appeared as her neighbor remained missing.

“You just look out your window and you see a big pile of dirt.  It’s like an ant hill, like I know that wasn’t there yesterday because I look out my window everyday.  What is there? What’s buried there?,” asked Lindemann.

Neighbor Michael Schwartz couldn’t believe that the man who he debated baseball with was gone, “He’s not the type of guy you’d think anyone would do any harm to.  He’s a very friendly person.”

The retired postman had been a fixture in Ridgewood for decades. A friend to all who always kept a lookout for the well-being of others.

“He was here all hours of the night and whenever you pass he was just basically patrolling the block but just sitting right there,” said neighbor Eddie Pagan.

What neighbors say he couldn’t control is the man who reportedly turned himself in, in connection to his death–the son of his girlfriend, Derek Tudor. Sources telling PIX 11’s Wally Zeins that Soucie allegedly died at the hands of Tudor, by suffocation.

Neighbors say the 27-year-old Tudor was an odd recluse who bickered with Soucie.

“I call him the weirdo. He’s very strange and weird.  He’s very quiet, stares, and he just sits there and babbles to himself.  I say oh my god, this man is gone,” said Dora Lindemann.

Another neighbor, Sharon Barrino, added, “He would look crazy. He would look like he’s ready to flip out and I think that’s a lot of why him and Frank didn’t get along an the mother had problems with him.”