The hunt is on for Central Park’s predator fish

Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-30 18:15:13-04

CENTRAL PARK, Manhattan (PIX11) – It’s hard to believe near the blooming trees and panting dogs there swims ruthless, evil fish known as Snakeheads .

Fisherman started noticing them in a Lake known as Harlem Meer in the northeastern corner of the park, and it has both officials and anglers on high alert.

“It’s the fishing. it’s therapy,” says Dorian Paat who has been fishing at the Harlem Meer for years, but says his form of therapy has become a little altered. “Enter the Snakehead… they are illegal like Piranas”.

They’re illegal to even possess here in the U.S. The fish are native to Asia, but when they’re considered an invasive species in America. According to the Environmental Conservation groups it’s because of their rows of sharp teeth and aggressive behavior. They’re known to take over ecosystems.

New warning signs have been put around the man-made lake in the park, telling people to call 311 if they spot them

Environmental officials will be checking the lake this week to document the fish they find. Residents hoping they will get rid of the Snakeheads for good.