Sarah Palin lashes out at White House ‘nerd prom’ on Twitter, Facebook

Posted at 3:32 PM, Apr 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-29 15:36:00-04

palin nerd prom

While the pols and Hollywood’s elite converged on D.C. this past weekend for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Sarah Palin spent time taking jabs at the event widely known as the “nerd prom.”

Palin didn’t not mince words, calling the WHCD pathetic.

That #WHCD was pathetic. The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom

Palin, who has never been formally invited to the event, drove her point further on Facebook where she lashed out against the gaudiness of the annual affair.

“Yuk it up media and pols. While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke.”