Queens street near little league park a speeding danger zone for kids

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-26 18:21:55-04

Brookville Boulevard and 147th Avenue in Rosedale, Queens is a popular place for little kids to play ball.

But, also a place for cars to speed even race. Little kids and fast cars a dangerous combination.

There two baseball fields on both sides of the street. And there are no stop signs, no crosswalks and no speed bumps to slow cars down.

According to the little league president Roy Clack, a seven-year-old was hit here just last week.

Dudley Irvington lives right next to the fields and says he has front row seats to some scary situations.

“When it comes to speeding — everybody speeds, ok? Sometimes this is one lane, they make two lanes out of it. My brother-in-law parked right here and someone crashed right into it!” he said.

Irvington says not only do people speed here but they race here too. “Sometimes it’s like a racetrack here,” he added.

The little league president says on any given weekend there are 250 kids here. Many of them have to cross this street.  They take their lives into their own hands.

“Sometimes we have the parents and they are overly engaged in the game and the kids run across the street to get a ball,” he said.

Some parents here want immediate action.

Put in crosswalks, crossing guards, something to slow these drivers down!

We contacted the Department of Transportation and they say they are looking into it for us.

In the meantime, as another weekend approaches, some parents hope the city will spring into action before another child is hurt.