Police investigating if 9/11 airliner piece was planted

Posted at 10:32 PM, Apr 26, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-26 22:32:57-04

A police officer stands guard while detectives walk in and out of 49 Park place. In the back of the neighboring building – an amazing discovery – police say what appears to be part of the landing gear from one of the commercial airliners that crashed into the Twin Towers September  11th.

“As you get closer you can see a series number and you see the word Boeing,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said at a presser Friday.

Now the question is, how exactly did it get there?

In protective gear, Commissioner Kelly got a look for himself.

“Could it have been lowered at some time? It’s possible, there’s a rope that’s on it. It would have had to fall down…difficult to see,” Kelly said.

It was found in between 51 Park Place and the rear of the building behind it – 50 Murray Street.

The space between the two buildings is about 18 inches. The part is five feet by  four  feet by 17 inches wide.

This all came about after surveyors hired by the property owner while inspecting the rear of 51 Park Place called 911 to report what they thought to be damaged machinery.

The building is the site for the proposed controversial “Ground Zero Mosque.”

People walking by the now crime scene  couldn’t believe a piece of the past could have been found so many years later.

Kelly says they are going keep this closed off until they can check for human remains, check if anything is toxic below and they will determine as to how to move the part.

As for how this could have been missed — he said the area was chaotic, very confined place, no cleanup went on in this 18 inch space.