36 Manhattan stations get Wi-Fi, but some in outer boroughs wonder when they’ll get wired

Posted at 6:26 PM, Apr 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-25 19:37:38-04

In a packed press conference in Times Square it was announced that what was once impossible is now very much a reality.

“In one bold stroke we made our subway systems significantly safer and more secure,” MTA Interim Executive Director Tom Prendergast told the audience.

Now 36 subway stations are wireless equipped with their own power supply — important for emergency situations — to make calls, send text and send emails without any interruption.

Most importantly — according to the MTA — there is a new level of security in which when someone actually sees something, they can say something right then and there, instead of waiting.

911 dispatchers even have the ability to pinpoint approximately where underground emergency calls are coming from.

A lot of fanfare, but the added feature for now at least is only for select Manhattan stations, with expectations of reaching all 277 underground stations in about four to five years.

Queens Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer says he’s used to Manhattan getting red carpet treatment.

In fact he has been very vocal fighting the MTA for more security cameras in areas known for high crime.

It is that very same logic Van Bramer believes should be applied to cell service.

“The truth is all of us in New York City won’t be safer until 74th Street in Roosevelt Ave and Jackson Heights has it or 21st in Queensbridge and my district has it and Flushing and Main Street has it,” he said.

For a complete list of the subway stations that now have Wi-Fi access, click here.