Exclusive: Suspect busted in cruel fake bomb hoax in Brooklyn

Posted at 6:58 PM, Apr 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-20 11:10:51-04

(BROOKLYN) –  All day PIX 11 News observed detectives working businesses and homes in the neighborhood of 5th Avenue and 68th Street in Bay Ridge.

At approximately 4:30 p.m., their relentless work paid off.  The 14-year-old suspect never saw it coming, caught cold while wearing a backpack.

As he was being led away, a young woman frantically screamed through tears, “they arrested him because he made a fake bomb.”

The explosive hoax was placed on a porch along 68th Street in Bay Ridge shortly after midnight Wednesday morning.  “We were just in utter shock,” is how Diane Green recounted her father, retired FDNY firefighter Ed Green, informing her a fake incendiary device was left on their porch.

As of Thursday afternoon, immediate neighbors Barbara Leen and former FDNY Lt. Dennis Monohan remained baffled by the incident, “Why would someone do such a stupid thing? My God, it’s unbelievable,” said Leen.

“I thought a lot about this in the past few days. I hope it’s somebody. . . you know, just a prank, not a scare tactic,” Monohan said of the hoax that seems infinitely more cruel considering the recent attacks in Boston.

Bomb Hoax Brooklyn

A cruel bomb hoax in Brooklyn leads to the arrest of a young man believed to have placed a suspicious device on the front stoop of 46-year-old resident Barbara Leen.

The NYPD said that a device made to look like a bomb was the only thing left standing on the porch when Green’s door bell rang.  Leen caught a glimpse of the fake device — that looked anything but fake.  “It was like a round canister with masking tape on it and little wires coming out.  It looked like a fake cell phone to me but it was a thing to open a garage door.”

Leen was awakened by the NYPD in order to evacuate her home.  She did so by climbing over a fence in her backyard.  The entire incident was a first for her, “I’m here for 46 years, nothing ever happen like this.”

When asked what type of sicko would this?  “I have no idea. He is a sicko and he’s going to be in a lot of trouble,” said Leen.

Detectives out of the 68th precinct had been combing the neighborhood nonstop since the hoax.  Leen admitted to multiple visits by detectives on Wednesday, with interviews taking place, “Yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, and last night.”

Detectives also worked businesses along Fifth Avenue.  A furniture store worker told PIX 11 News that detectives took a copy of their security camera footage.  They also asked questions and showed images of of man.

Then the arrest popped a block around the corner from where fake bomb was allegedly placed.

The suspect would not provide a name to PIX 11 News and uttered a simple “no” when asked if he was responsible for the cruel prank.

PIX 11 News did inform the Green family of the arrest.  Diane was satisfied to see him in cuffs but admitted she had no clue as to who he was.

Meanwhile her father Ed opted not to see the video but was relieved that an arrest had been made — he simply wanted to let justice run its course.