Reddit on the verge of IDing Boston bombing suspect?

Posted: 3:21 PM, Apr 17, 2013
Updated: 2013-04-17 16:35:50-04


BOSTON (PIX11) — As the search for suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing intensifies, users of the social-news site Reddit are taking matters into their own hands.

Users have launched a subreddit called FindBostonBombers, where the group share theories along with  photos — some with never-seen before angles — of the crowd before and after the blasts went off.

Amid the thousands of submissions, users are zeroing on at least three men — all who were carrying similar back packs with stripped straps. The straps have markings that are nearly identical to a destroyed backpack recovered by authorities at the scene.

The theory is one of those backpacks carried a pressure cooker that was detonated unleashing nails, BBs and ball bearings in the crowd.

The FBI released photos of the bag and remnants of the device Tuesday.

The good and the bad of this subReddit: it may very well play a vital role in identifying a suspect, but it may also cast suspicion on an innocent bystander which opens the doors to countless lawsuits.  Time will tell.

One thing is clear, as the FBI initially acknowledged, the public and their images will be critical in solving this crime.