New photos show unidentified bags, objects along Boston Marathon route

Posted at 10:52 AM, Apr 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-17 10:52:18-04

Just days after the terror attack at the Boston Marathon the NYPD is faced with the task of keeping 2 similar events here safe.

Events like marathons and road races are difficult to protect because they cover so much ground according to police. Security is already ramped up here in the wake of the Boston bombing, and cops say it will stay that way for the immediate future.

We now know more about the type of bomb used in Boston and how it may have been deployed.  What happened there may not have happened here, authorities say.

In  pictures from WHDH-TV you see what looks like a package next to a mailbox near the marathon route and then the same location after the explosion.

In New York, security experts say that mailbox and any trash cans would have been removed before the race. The NYPD has a practice of removing all mailboxes and trash cans from high profile events like the marathon and the New Years Eve celebration and sealing all of the manhole covers to make it more difficult for anyone to plant a bomb.

The device used in Boston appears to be the same type of crude bomb used in the failed attempt by the Times Square bomber in 2010.

This time though investigators say it may have included nails and ball bearings or b.b’s inside a pressure cooker carried in a black nylon bag. It proved deadly.

Police commissioner Ray Kelly says cops will be vigilant this weekend.

“There are two major events this weekend.  There’s the 5K Walk, Run to the 9/11 Memorial on Sunday, plus there’s the 4K Run in the Park to support the parks and we are certainly re-evaluating them,” he said.

In the meantime the Mayor says next year’s New York City Marathon will take place.