Lingerie football rant lands coach in hot water

Posted at 8:20 PM, Apr 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-13 20:20:35-04

The Legends Football League was founded in 2009 by Mitch Mortaza.

A coach with the Legend’s Football League is “under review” after a half-time tirade, TMZ reports.

Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson reportedly unleashed frustrated fury on his team for a poor first half against the Green Bay Chill, asking the lingerie clad players, “Are you guys just f****** retarded?”

A representative for the league issued a statement to TMZ saying, “Everything is in line as far as what is expected from a football locker room, but we don’t condone the use of the word retarded.”

The women’s football league, created in 2009, recently changed its name from the Lingerie Football League.