LI teachers accused of helping students cheat on tests

Posted at 11:03 AM, Apr 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-12 11:03:57-04

A local school that’s been honored for it’s quality instruction now sits squarely in the midst of a cheating scandal.  But it’s not the students who are accused of cheating, teachers are being investigated.

The probe is large, reportedly focusing on at least 18 teachers who are under investigation for allegedly coaching and helping students with answers to questions on state English Language Arts and Math exams.

In a statement on the school system’s web site the superintendent, Dr. Joseph Laria wrote that the testing administration irregularities happened at at least 2 schools.  The investigation reportedly focused on 5th grade students at the Margaret A. Connolly and Landing Elementary Schools and the testing of 3rd, 4th , 5th grade students in the spring of 2012. .

Outside Landing school there is a sign saying it was named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence but the probe raises questions about teacher’s behavior.

In his statement the superintendent said “These allegations, if true, represent a grave disservice to the children, families and community of Glen Cove.” He added “There is no reason to believe that there is any criminal misconduct and there are currently no pending district charges against any teachers or administrators.”

The investigation comes following the indictment of 35 educators in Atlanta accused in a cheating  scandal, and a high profile SAT testing scandal in Great Neck, Long Island involving students and former students in 2011.

The investigation began in November and is continuing.