City to pay Occupy Wall Street Library for hundreds of destroyed books

Posted at 9:20 PM, Apr 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 21:20:54-04

Wall Street protestors who occupied Zuccotti Park, and were forced out by police, have won a settlement with the City over lost or damaged property.

It includes $47,000 in damages for more than 3,000 confiscated books, most of which were destroyed.

“Books were thrown in the back of garbage trucks.  They grinded the books and that’s why they disappeared,” said attorney Norman Siegel, who represented librarians in the federal lawsuit which was filed last year.

“We could not ignore the City’s conduct, and we sought to hold the City accountable,” said Siegel at a press conference on Wednesday.

The city is also paying out $75,000 to the livestreamers from Global Revolution Television for their damaged or lost equipment, and another $8,500 to the environmental group Time’s Up for its 16 missing or damaged energy bicycles.

A spokesperson for the city’s legal department issued this statement:  “It was absolutely necessary for the City to address the rapidly growing safety and health threats posed by the Occupy Wall Street encampment.  There are many reasons to settle a case, and sometimes that includes avoiding the potential for drawn out litigation that bolsters plaintiff attorney fees.”