Mayor Weiner? Experts weigh in as disgraced congressman weighs potential run

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-10 22:12:38-04

NEW YORK CITY (PIX11)  – Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is hoping for a second chance from New Yorkers — less than 2 years after misbehaving in 140 characters or less.

Weiner tells the New York Times that his own character has  changed.

However two strategists who know City Hall well tell PIX 11 News they are split on the potential of Mayor Weiner, “For the average voter having his name be Weiner and being associated with his weiner is something that hasn’t left our minds,” said crisis communications expert Mike Paul.

In fact for millions the twitter scandal is still fresh.  This said, the disgraced politician finally did admit in an intimate interview with the New York Times that he is seriously examining  a run for Mayor.

“I don’t think there is a chance in heck of Anthony Weiner really becoming our Mayor,” said Mike Paul.

Paul does know a few things about City Hall.  He has worked strategic communications under Mayor Giuliani, but these days he’s known as the Reputation Doctor.  His prognosis for Weiner in attempting to secure the most coveted voters in the city, women, is simple and to the point, “Good luck with it, good luck with it.”


Basil Smikle feels differently about a potential Weiner run, “I would work for him again.”

Smikle advised Weiner in the past.  However, he wasn’t with Weiner when he resigned after inappropriately exposing himself to his digital harem.  At the time the scandal broke, Weiner’s wife Huma was expecting their child.

Being a stay at home dad has changed Weiner, who these days gets told by New Yorkers that he should run.  That is when he is not being mistaken for Elliot Spitzer.

Weiner did not share any results from the reported $100k dollars spent on internal polling.  However one national democratic strategist tells PIX 11 News that they had to have received some positive feedback, which is why he’s talking.

As for one of the most important aspects of campaign today?  Smikle says that any outreach via twitter would have to be modified. “I think you let the campaign be back on twitter, you don’t allow him to do any tweeting of his own.”
Weiner was quoted as saying that the media coverage is getting “less snarky” which is an interesting choice of words. When a democratic strategist was reminded that it wasn’t the media who tweeted, or who acted inappropriately behind his wife pregnant’s back, or lied to the world, or tried to cover-up the explosive tweets, the strategist said that it shows that Weiner “lacks penance.”