Rutgers president faces faculty as a new independent investigation is launched

Posted: 11:09 PM, Apr 08, 2013
Updated: 2013-04-08 23:10:32-04

(NEWARK) – Rutgers President Robert Barchi was the last man standing at the end of last week.

He began this week as the only one on a stage before faculty, administrators and students inside of the Robeson Center on the Newark campus for a town hall meeting.

It was the first time that Barchi has gone before the public since an explosive video came to light last week. Members of the audience, some of whom had waited months to grill the university president on financial disproportions between the Newark and New Brunswick campuses, expressed their desires to be heard.  At one point, Jeremy Katz a student said, “I notice you have a tendency to cut people off.”

Barchi was humble and evasive as he spoke for more than three hours during the town hall.

Overall he was not well received, “You have to go sir, sir you have to go,” said Abraham Dickerson of Montclair.

Barchi, started out the town hall with a power-point.  His way of running interference to which the faculty put a stop to it 20-minutes in, “We had to hijack the meeting from you in order to turn it into a town hall meeting,” said one educator to the applause of the crowd.

All in attendance were upset or concerned with Barchi’s leadership.  Especially after the events of last week involving now former basketball coach Mike Rice and the emergence of his physical and verbal abuse of Rutgers players.

Faculty furious at the importance of athletics as well as the price tag that comes with it, “$600-thousand dollars for a basketball coach, never again,” said a professor who was born and raised in Newark.

Members of faculty that spoke with PIX 11 News since last week say they have lost confidence in President Barchi after learning of the alleged cover-up that ultimately forced Athletic Director Tim Pernetti out the door.

A report on Monday officially revealed the 1.2 million dollar buyout that was all but gift wrapped for Pernetti. The crowd unaware of the buyout as the report popped in the midst of the verbal jabs that at one point generated this response from Barchi, “I have my own ethics and my own principles and I’m not going to cover-up anything for anybody.”

Hours before the town hall, Rutgers announced a new independent investigation.

Once the smoke cleared from the town hall, a faculty member emailed PIX 11 News with their assessment, “Barchi didn’t have a very good day.”