Man sold ferrets on steroids instead of toy poodles for $150 each

Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 08, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-08 23:02:39-04

An Argentinian man thought he paid $150 at an outdoor market in Buenos Aires on a toy poodle puppy — only to find out he was duped by con artists who pumped a ferret full of steroids until it resembled a dog, according to Noticias Argentina.

The man found out he had a chemically enlarged rodent instead of man’s best friend after taking the animal to a vet for vaccinations.

The hustle is apparently a popular one at the giant La Salada market, where expensive toy poodles can net a hefty profit.

“They said it was a chihuahua, and they sold it for $487; when (the owner) left they found out it was a Brazilian rat,” said one shopper who knew one of the victims.

Pet ferret Poodle

Argentinian con artists are reportedly pumping ferrets full of steroids to make them look like toy poodles.

By administering steroids from an early age and combing out their fur, vendors are able to achieve a close resemblence.

Toy Poodles can go for as much as $1,000 in the United States, while a ferret generally costs less than $100.