Police shoot dog after woman bitten

Posted: 1:45 PM, Apr 06, 2013
Updated: 2013-06-20 16:50:09-04

STATEN ISLAND (PIX11)- “They were playing in the baseball field, they were rough housing, and then the dogs attacked out of nowhere.”

Witnesses say two pit bulls were running around Schmul Park off their leashes when they started attacking each other around 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon.

We’re told the owner of a third dog tried to pull the two apart when one of the dogs bit her hand.

“She was hysterically crying, she was talking to the cops and she went to the hospital.”

Police say an officer who was on patrol at a nearby playground heard the woman scream and ran down the block chasing after the dogs.

That’s when cops say one of the dogs tried to bite the officer.

“I saw a cop car going down the block then a few minutes later I heard a couple shots, which I thought was gun shots, which is odd for this area, this is a really quiet neighborhood.”

One of the dogs died, were told the other was taken into custody by animal control.

Afterwards police shutdown part of the park for a few hours while they investigated the shooting.
While many were frightened to witness the event, people we spoke to say the officer made the right decision.

“It’s the most humane thing to do if someone’s getting hurt.  A humans’ worth more than any dog in the world.”

But park-goers say the whole incident never would have even happened if the dogs’ owner had been more responsible.

“You’re a dog owner, you ought to keep your dog leashed up.”