Meet Mr. Apology, the man you can confess anything to

Posted: 8:01 PM, Apr 05, 2013
Updated: 2013-04-05 20:08:55-04

There’s a new way New Yorkers are confessing their wrongs anonymously: A new free hotline created by a Brooklyn man who calls himself Mr. Apology.

He’s never spoken publicly about his hotline, until now. He says he wants to spread good will and forgiveness to guilty New Yorkers everywhere.

When I asked Mr. Apology what he calls himself he said, “A guy who wants to forgive people. I am an artist. I do believe in the power of forgiveness.”

Mr. Apology has stayed in the shadows—that’s until now. He’s doing his first television interview with PIX11 News. He doesn’t want us to show you his face because he says it’s not about him but about you!

He converted his voicemail into a public dumping ground for your sins and wants you to call him and confess right now.

“I think a lot of people don’t know how to forgive themselves for things they feel bad about and they call in, they give a sincere apology. There is power behind that!” Mr. Apology told us.

There is a hotline for everything nowadays, so why not an apology hotline he says. He has placed flyers everywhere in Queens and Brooklyn. The hotline is a 347 number and it’s free!

Mr. Apology says he’s not affiliated to any religious groups or self-help organizations.

So why is he doing this?

“My motivation is for people to get things off their chest!” he says of his motive behind starting this confession hotline.

All we can reveal is he is a 37-year -old Brooklynite who’s an artist.

So why talk to us now? He says there are two parts to his idea: getting people to call his hotline and broadcasting these messages to the world.

He gave us some of the calls but we won’t broadcast them.

One caller said, “I would like to apologize to my ex-fiancée for leaving the apartment whenever we got into an argument.”

Another said, “I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend…and she doesn’t know.”

And lastly, “I stole something from the store and told the manager I didn’t.  I just wanted to say, sorry. ”

He’s said he’s received about 100 calls so far.

This is far from a new idea, however. In 1980s there was an art project called Mr. Apology that later spawned a book and a movie.

This Mr. Apology says he is just continuing that legacy.

And he’s waiting for your call.