Crooked NYPD cop will not see daylight before his trial

Posted at 9:45 PM, Apr 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-04 21:49:38-04

Alleged crooked NYPD officer Jose Tejada’s service revolver which was allegedly used in a hold-up.

BROOKLYN (PIX 11) Jose Tejada will not be seeing daylight before his trial. A Federal judge told the suspended NYPD cop shortly before 4 p.m. that he is on a “permanent order of detention.”

The 45-year-old was arrested on Wednesday night at JFK on a flight from the Dominican Republic for allegedly turning to a life of crime instead of fighting against it.

The case built by the Feds reads as if the script of the dark drama “Training Day” jumped off the screen and onto the streets of the city.

A rogue cop Tejada along with his henchman, nearly 2 dozen total, including another member of the NYPD Emmanuel Tavarez, allegedly rolled over dealers for cash and drugs. The operation secured more than $1-million dollars and 250 kilos of cocaine according to court documents.

Commissioner Ray Kelly told PIX 11 News at a news conference inside the 81st prencinct that this crew had a history, “This investigation started in 2007, and it involves a total of 22 arrests. Basically police impersonation, 20 of the 22 arrested were not police officers,” said Kelly a he was flanked by Mayor Bloomberg.

Tejada is a 17-year vet who worked primarily out of the 28th precinct in Harlem. Tejada and his cronies allegedly did a lot of business in the south Bronx in the vicinity of Mosholu and Grand Concourse. According to the indictment a drug dealer was robbed at 2829 Sedwick Avenue.

“The targets were drug dealers for the most part. Obviously it is sad and disappointing anytime a police officer is arrested but this officer has been on modified duty for three years. So this investigation has taken a long time to come to fruition and it’s still not over, but it is what it is,” said Commissioner Kelly.

Tejada, who the Feds say took part in three robberies, allegedly brandished his department issued gun and even had some of his cronies outfitted in NYPD outfits to make their dirty dealings look clean. Additionally, prosecutors say that he accessed the NYPD database for his co-defendants after he was put on modified duty.

Inside Brooklyn Federal Court Tejada appeared before Judge Go, his alleged spree that lasted nearly ten years halted just before 4 p.m. as he was denied bail. Tejada is expected to be in court next Tuesday.