Facebook pic helps cops catch violent mugger in fraternity sweatshirt

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 03, 2013
and last updated 2013-04-04 11:56:29-04

BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — Good surveillance footage and a Facebook post showing the perp in his favorite fraternity sweatshirt – the same one he allegedly wore during the crime – helped detectives arrest 21-year-old Aidan Folan of Brooklyn for the assault against 56-year-old Dina Perez.

Perez has lived in fear since the March 9th attack at the 18th Avenue F train subway station.  Surveillance video shows Perez walking down the subway stairs when her attacker suddenly crept up from behind and brutally beat her.

Police say Folan is the man in the footage wearing a black hoodie with the letters Alpha Phi Delta on the front and custom lettering “Stugotz 27” on his back.  The word is Italian slang meaning “balls”, the same word that Folan has next to his name on his Facebook page.  One commenter asked, “Aiden are you that stupid or impulsive that you would have worn an identifying shirt like this?”  While most have been erased, Folan’s page had multiple photos of him wearing the sweatshirt.

Facebook frat boy mugger

Folan, who graduated from St. Francis College with a degree in broadcast journalism according to his Facebook page, also worked as a counselor at the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, “Summer job, but god, helping kids is the most rewarding thing i could possibly do and i produce results!”

On March 9th, however, Folan produced a different class of results, according to police.  Perez was left with broken bones and bruises and nearly a month later, she is still recovering from her injuries.


“He pushed me.  He pulled me and hit me and hit me for 15 minutes,” said Perez.

News of Folan’s arrest, however, is providing Perez some relief, she told PIX11 News on Wednesday.

Folan was charged with robbery and assault.