Was the worst computer attack in history a PR stunt? – Larry Mendte

Posted at 9:56 AM, Mar 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-30 09:56:42-04

The headlines were frightening.

“The Worst Attack on the Internet in History”

“Massive Cyberattack Slows Internet for Millions”

“The Cyberattack that Almost Broke the Internet”

Really?  Did you feel anything?  I mean, “the worst cyberattack in history” should have been, well, worse.  Amazon, NetFlix, Google, and Facebook all reported no interruption in service.

The company that reported the attack is an Internet Security firm called CloudFlame.  They protect bog web sites from a junk data attack that can jam up a site forever.  “The worst attack ever” was a junk data attack on a European non-profit company whose sole purpose is to stop Spam.

So, the company that reported the attack just happens to be the same company that has the ability to stop such attacks.  It’s like a home security salesperson telling you about a number of break-ins in your neighborhood.  It’s all a little suspicious.

Several tech sites and magazines have surmised that the attack was real but hyped as a PR stunt for CloudFlame.

There is a lesson in this.  The media needs to get a little more savvy when it comes to covering the Internet.  We need tech smart journalists that understand the inner workings.  Otherwise, we are more likely to be victims from bad reporting than an actual attack.