Fundraiser held at Newark IHOP for manager gunned down on the job

Posted at 6:42 PM, Mar 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-30 18:42:18-04

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY (PIX11)- A shrine of balloons, a wreath and pictures of a beloved manager greeted customers walking through the doors of the IHOP in Newark on Saturday.  Some had no idea what that was all about; others knew and came hungry to help.

“Your plate of sausages eggs and pancakes are making a difference.  I’m glad to be of any assistance I can like my wife said it’s very sad.”

A week after restaurant manager Mohammed Cy was gunned down on the job, contributions are being made in his memory to help his family and the hospital across the street that tried to save him.

The franchises owners will be donating thirty percent of Saturday’s proceeds to UMDNJ’s emergency room, where cy and two others were taken after a fight between customers escalated outside into gunfire.

“Money can’t return him but at least it shows we in the city of Newark care about what happened,” said Pastor Bernadine Byrd.

“It kind of helps us feel at peace because the manager really was a good person, he really was a workaholic, He really worked hard for this restaurant,” said resident Sienna Revere

Cy’s co-workers say he died a hero for having escorted customers to safety, and for trying to diffuse a tense situation

Mohammed was pretty much a peacemaker; he didn’t want any violence or anything to happen so he tried to alleviate anything from happening. Some of the money raised will go to a community organization dedicated to fighting violence.