Marriage equality symbol at uptown coffee shop sparks buzz

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-29 19:19:25-04

A hip new coffee shop in Hamilton Heights is generating buzz  — and it has nothing to do with The Chipped Cup’s lattes.

It has to do with the shop’s chalkboard sign that the owner, Mary Cantor, says displays the business name and the marriage equality symbol.

“Someone contacted us on Facebook saying they’d no longer be patronizing our shop and told others not to as well,” Cantor said.

Coffee shop

“I didn’t think we were throwing anything down anyone’s throat. It was a very innocuous gesture,” said Mary Cantor, owner of The Chipped Cup.

That person is a self-described pianist and New Yorker, who used to frequent The Chipped Cup until she saw this sign, which she disapproved of.

Then she took to the shop’s Facebook to express her disgust with their decision to publicize their political views.

“You just lost two customers with your politicized sandwich board. Alienating the majority of the population is a really irritating and dumb move. We will encourage others not to patronize your business.”

Said Cantor: “I didn’t think we were throwing anything down anyone’s throat. It was a very innocuous gesture.”

Since the Facebook battle over this sign began, The Chipped Cup has benefited in the form of business. The owner said since Tuesday, baristas have been busier than ever. “People have been really supportive of our position, it’s brought out a lot of people,” Cantor said.

Marriage equality

The marriage equality sign was placed on a chalkboard at The Chipped Cup.

PIX11 reached out to the angry Hamilton Heights resident, whose name we’re withholding for safety reasons. In a private message over Twitter she explained her comments saying, “All I said was that I wouldn’t be going to Chipped Cup… I’ve received death threats, non-stop harassment, and people threatening to destroy my life.”

Inside the cafe Friday, the social media melee and gay marriage remained a hot topic.

“I think it’s just unfair to judge a business by the owner’s political views versus the product,” said one customer.

As for Cantor, she says by tomorrow, the equality symbol will likely be gone and a new doodle will go up. “It’s business as usual. We’ll continue to serve great coffee.”