Organizing your home for Spring

Posted at 1:36 PM, Mar 28, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-28 13:36:31-04

It’s that time of year to refresh, renew and reorganize the home!   The Container Store’s organization expert Sharona Di Costanzo shared tips on how to shed the winter clutter, along with how to outfit the closet, cook up some order in the kitchen, closet and gear up your garage.

Closet:  The first step in clearing closet clutter is to edit your wardrobe. Follow the two-year rule to purge outdated or ill-fitting garments. If you haven’t used it or worn it in two years, it’s safe that you won’t use it again. Getting rid of these items can be fun – invite a friend and make an event of it! He or she can help you sort through what you have and give their honest opinion of what needs to be kept or donated.


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If possible, move out-of-season garments to another area of your home.  Take advantage of your closets’ vertical space by stacking sweaters, shoes and handbags on shelves. The space under your bed is a wonderful solution when you use an underbed storage box.


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When storing these off-season items, we recommend using all-natural cedar to repel pests. When used correctly, cedar is very effective in preventing damage to your wardrobe from pests that are attracted to natural fibers like wool and cotton.

 The essential oils in aromatic cedar give off a scent that people and pets love, yet repel adult moths and carpet beetles. A general rule of thumb when considering how much cedar to use: when you can’t smell it, the pests can’t either. Cedar is also renewable. When the scent fades, a quick rub with sandpaper or a mist of cedar spray restores its potency.


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 Kitchen:  In all areas of the home, especially the Kitchen, visibility and accessibility is key.  For kitchen cabinets, which we know are built so deep, add sliding drawers for lower cabinets and stacking shelves for cabinets at eye level.  Keep your most frequently used items up front.  One key tip for kitchen organization is to store things where we use them. 


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Another common clutter area in the kitchen is in drawers. Before determining what you’re going to place in each drawer and how it will be organized, line the drawer for easy clean up.  Drawers in different areas of the home require different types of liners.  In the kitchen, select a liner with some padding or texture that is also easy to wipe clean. 


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To keep things organized, use expandable or modular organizers and utilize every inch. Separate items by occasion – keeping your barbeque utensils separate from your products for entertaining. You can also choose to organize items is by shape, function and/or frequency. 


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Garage:  The garage tends to become a dumping ground for items that may or may not be needed. Start by cleaning out the garage to determine what can be discarded, donated.  Typically, 80% of items stored in a garage can be kept on shelving — the other 20% (such as handled tools and gardening helpers) is generally stored on a hook. You’ll need a combination of shelving, drawers and hooks to keep everything organized. It is also smart to group like items together, such as sports gear, camping gear or holiday decorations.


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For items that are used day to day, having a wire hamper accessible for sports balls or gear is an easy way to corral bulky items. It is also smart to have for kids who may be bringing how dirty or sweaty gear, they can place their cleats or equipment into the hamper so they don’t track dirt into the house.


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