Transform your phone into a 360-degree video camera (and get the promo code)

Posted at 5:05 PM, Mar 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-27 20:07:29-04

We are constantly capturing moments on our smartphones.  Apps like Instagram take photos and Vine shoots 6-second videos but you still are not able to capture everything around you – which is why panoramic video devices, like GoPano Micro, Bubblescope and the Kogeto DOT, are becoming so popular because they transform your phone into a 360-degree video camera.

The DOT founder and CEO Jeff Glasse “You just basically snap the DOT over the existing iPhone camera, download our free app called Looker and start filming!  Remember, everyone is on the shot, so either you hold the phone or put it down on the table.  We like to say, ‘Put down the camera and enjoy the party!’”

“We want to make it easy for regular people, not talented camera people, to capture their lives without missing their lives,” said Glasse, adding, “The idea that you can take the camera, put it down, and capture whatever is happening around and not be distracted by the act of capturing, to me, is really liberating.”

Of course convenience is key.  Most people want to take videos and instantly share them, which is easy to do with the DOT.  Through a simple click, you can share your video to Twitter or Facebook.

“It uploads pretty much in real time.  An 18 second clip will take 18 seconds to upload,” said Glasse.

These videos are called DOTspots.  “It’s a DOTspot because it captures all 360 degrees at once.  It captures the spot you’re in with your DOT, so we call them DOTspots,” said Glasse.

From yo-yo classes in Japan to hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro, DOTspots have been popping up all over social media since the device made its debut last year.

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