Yoko Ono sued for ripping off fetish clothing line

Posted at 3:55 PM, Mar 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-25 15:56:39-04
Yoko Ono fashion line

Yoko Ono is being accused of stealing her fetish-inspired designs for Opening Ceremony by New York designer Haleh Nematzadeh, 36.

Yoko Ono is being sued by a Brooklyn fashion designer who claims Ono ripped ideas for a fetish-inspired line straight from the designer’s sketchbook.

Haleh Nematzadeh, 36, who has her own Brunswick company called Smashing Starlets, accused Ono’s design team of taking her designs — that include hand prints over crotches and breast areas — slightly changing them, and issuing them through the Open Ceremony retailer.

Nematzadeh claims that photographers from the retailer met with her to discuss a photo shoot of her line.  They looked over her sketches and apparently left her believing they would photograph the clothing at a later date.  Instead, Opening Ceremony released Ono’s Fashion for Men 1969-2012 line.

According to a statement by Ono on the retailer’s website, “I was inspired to create Fashion for Men, amazed at how my man was looking so great. I felt it was a pity if we could not make clothes emphasizing his very sexy bod.”

Nematzadeh dismissed that statement outside of Brooklyn Federal Court on Friday after filing suit, “They took everything with no shame. They stole from me blatantly,” she told the NY Post.  “She’s (Ono is) trying to put fetish in context, but since when does fetish and John Lennon go together? When you think of the Beatles, you think of doves and trees, not that.”