Powerball jackpot goes to New Jersey winner

Posted at 9:58 AM, Mar 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-24 18:43:17-04

New Jersey’s got the Powerball winner.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased in New Jersey in Saturday night’s $338.3 million drawing.

Lottery officials declined to reveal whether the ticket was already claimed, or where exactly the lucky ducat was purchased, until a news conference scheduled for Monday, the AP reported. The winner could take home  a $221 million cash payout.

Thirteen other tickets had all the winning numbers except the Powerball itself. Those tickets were purchased in 10 states, including the lucky Garden State and New York. Those winning tickets are worth a cool million each.

The winning numbers were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31.

Lottery officials say they will wait till Monday to release the name and where the ticket was sold.

The chance of matching all Powerball numbers is 1 in 175 million

The last Powerball jackpot, worth $217 million, went to a Virginia man, Dave Honeywell, in February. Saturday’s drawing was the sixth largest in the game’s history.