‘Fall to Grace’: Former NJ governor McGreevey talks about his new life in HBO doc

Posted at 10:23 PM, Mar 21, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-21 22:48:22-04

He is still entitled to the title of “Governor”, but  now he insists that people call him ‘Jim’.  Jim McGreevey is back in front of the flashing lights in a new HBO documentary chronicling the new chapter of his life’s journey.

You may remember Jim McGreevey as the former New Jersey governor who famously came out of the closet on live television in August 2004; now he stars in “Fall to Grace”, directed by Alexandra Pelosi – daughter of former Speaker of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

It chronicles the 2nd act of his life – from disgraced politician, to an openly gay American who tried and failed to become an ordained minister,and who now counsels incarcerated women in Hudson County, New Jersey.

PIX11 got the chance to sit down with McGreevey during his red carpet reception, prior to Thursday night’s screening of his new documentary and asked Pelosi if McGreevey’s transformation in print and on screen – is genuine. She responded, “I think so. I’ve spent a lot of time with Jim on really hard days, so I really think I got to see the unvarnished Jim. I don’t know who chooses to spend their time in jail on Christmas, Easter, birthdays. The proof is in the women who got out of jail and got their lives together thanks to Jim McGreevey.”

Jim McGreevey

PIX11 asked McGreevey how the Jim McGreevey interviewed so many times as governor has changed. He responded, “Well, I think he’s at peace with himself, and I think now for me my god is at the center of my life as opposed to my political ambitions, or my needs.”

He acknowledges his failures – both personal and political — and says his life mission is now focused on putting the jailed woman featured in the film on a healthier and more productive path.

“We all come from broken places. For me it was the attraction of politics, of ego, of self. And so it’s taking a break from the business, the craziness of life, and saying, can we do this differently? And to act differently? And to do it differently, to act differently, we have to value things differently? And to value things differently, I think what centers our life has to be different,” McGreevey said.

Dow asked McGreevey if his valued have indeed changed. He replied, “Oh yeah, my values were running, and politics, and chasing people like (PIX11 reporter) Jay. And now it’s very different.”