How to keep your car, home and yourself safe

Posted at 2:45 PM, Mar 20, 2013
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Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy

Crime does not simply happen. Like a triangle, crime must have three sides or elements present to be complete. Those three elements are; ABILITY, DESIRE and OPPORTUNITY. Remove any one of these elements and the triangle can’t be formed and the crime will not occur.

The PIX11 “Know Your Enemy Team”, can help you reduce crime by reducing the opportunity for crime. We want to give you some simple crime prevention tips that can help you greatly reduce criminal incidents in your vehicles, personal safety, and at home.

Crime Prevention Tips

Auto Theft Prevention

Every 23 seconds a vehicle is stolen in the United States. You can reduce the risk of becoming another statistic in auto thefts by following these preventative measures:

Never leave a portable charging cord in plain view, that tells the crook you may have a phone, lap top, or GPS hidden under the seat.

Use tracking devises (On-Star or Lo-Jack).

Don’t leave valuables inside your vehicle.

Never leave children alone inside the vehicle.

Never leave your vehicle running and unattended.

Never hide a spare key inside or outside of your vehicle.

If you must leave valuables then secure valuables out of sight in the vehicle.

Don’t leave your windows down or doors unlocked, Keep doors locked even while inside the vehicle.

 Personal Safety Tips

Crime and the fear of crime create special concerns. Knowing what to do to reduce the chances of being a victim of crime can help protect you and your family.

Do not open your door unless you personally know who is on the other side.

Keep doors and windows locked at all times.

Keep garage doors down.

Arm your home security system if you have one.

Keep your key fob (car alarm) beside your bed and activate alarm if necessary.

Leave lights on outside from dusk to dawn.

Do not hide keys under mats, in mailboxes or other common hiding spots

Remove valuables from your vehicle and lock your doors.

Inventory your valuables and keep photos and serial numbers in a safe location.

Call your local Police Department for a FREE home security survey.

Report any and all suspicious activity to the police

.Have keys in your hand when exiting or entering your vehicle.

Carry your purse under your arm, not dangling from your shoulder.

Use a grocery cart to take purchases to your vehicle and remember to use the child seatbelt in the cart to secure your pocket book when shopping in the store.

 Travel and park in well-lit areas.

 Do not carry large sums of money.

Never leave your purse unattended…even for a minute!

When returning to your car, visually inspect the inside before entering.

Home Safety Tips

Your home is one of your most valuable assets. Knowing what to do to protect your family and your valuables can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Engrave all your valuables with identifying Initials or Numbers.

Photograph all valuable items in your home and consider extra insurance on  jewelry. Store photos on disc in a secure location.

Become familiar with your neighbors and their vehicles.

Watch out for suspicious vehicles. If you see a “prowling” car, truck, or van in your neighborhood, write down the license number and description of the vehicle and its occupants and report it to the Police.

 Do not give out any information about your home or family over the phone.

Do not display your name on a mailbox or plaque – only display the street number. Burglars can phone ahead to make sure no one is home.

Do not advertise that you are living alone. Single women should list their names in the phone directory with only the first and middle initial.

Do not tell strangers when you will be away from home. If going out of town have someone take care of your mail and newspapers or have your service stopped until you return. If you live in the suburbs you may also have the Police Department conduct a property check while you are out of town.

Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and appropriate locks for sliding doors and windows.

Prune shrubbery so it doesn’t obscure the view of doors and windows.

Never open your door to strangers. Install a peephole so that you can properly identify visitors before opening your door.

Keep garage doors closed and locked.

Leave outside lights on at night. Consider timers or lights with a dusk to dawn sensor.

Remember the “safeguards” and tips available to you here will help protect you  and may even save your life!