Couple accused of planning babysitting business to drug and molest children

Posted at 10:40 PM, Mar 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-30 10:55:22-04

A couple is accused of planning babysitting business to exploit and abuse children

The allegations against 35-year-old Bebars Baslan and his girlfriend are stomach turning.

According to court papers, Baslan and 25-year-old Kristen Henry were allegedly planning to front a babysitting business, all with the intention of drugging and abusing children.

Prosecutors didn’t want to talk about the case after the couple’s arraignment in federal court.


Baslan’s defense attorney told reporters he did not commit these crimes.

According to court papers, their plot began to unravel when a confidential informant told the FBI of the couple’s plans to sexually exploit children and of their possession of child pornography.

The informant worked with federal authorities providing audio and video recordings.

Neighbors declined to talk about the allegations near the couple’s home in Midwood Brooklyn.

Baslan’s attorney say he plans to fight the charges in court.

It all ended on Monday night, authorities say, the couple thought they were meeting the informant with at least one child at a Jersey City hotel, instead the couple was arrested.