Move over Mary Poppins Disney star Debby Ryan is showing off her nanny “know-how”

Posted at 1:23 PM, Mar 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-19 13:23:49-04

On the popular Disney Channel show “Jessie,” actress Debby Ryan plays a nanny from a small town working for an affluent New York City family–a family which includes four precocious children and a giant pet lizard.  Ryan, who grew up on television on “The Suite Life on Deck,” has transitioned into a more adult role on screen and off.  The 19-year-old is one of the producers of “Jessie.”  She is also producing music, and most recently worked with the group A Rocket to the Moon–appearing on camera and behind the camera for the music video “Ever Enough.”  In the meantime the busy teen is working on writing and recording her own songs.

Every time Debby Ryan stops by the set of the PIX Morning News, the anchors usually play some sort of game with the starlet–and of course, she’s always up for it.  This time around anchors Craig Treadway and Frances Rivera put her to a ‘nanny test.’  Since the actress has portrayed a nanny on television for two seasons, they figured they would check out her skills.  With 30 seconds on the clock, the two gave Ryan different emergency scenarios that may happen while taking care of kids and asked for a solution.  Debby, who has done plenty of babysitting, flew through the challenge as if it were second nature.

Check out more of her nanny skills on Friday nights on Disney Channel’s “Jessie.”