Evicted college student plotted gruesome massacre on UCF campus

Posted: 9:47 AM, Mar 19, 2013
Updated: 2013-03-19 09:47:19-04

Orlando, Florida (CNN) — A former University of Central Florida student found dead in his dorm room of an apparent suicide, alongside weapons and a backpack of bombs, planned a larger attack, officials said Monday.

School spokesman Grant Heston identified the student as 30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran.

He was at the university from fall 2010 through fall 2012 but was not enrolled for the spring semester and was in the process of being removed from the dorm room where he lived.

“While the crime scene processing was under way in that room, we found some notes and some writings that indicated that this was a planned attack,” UCF Police Chief Richard Beary told reporters.

He said Seevakumaran’s plan appeared to be set in motion as early as February, when weapons and ammunition purchases were made. Seevakumaran developed an outline for the attack, but that never came to fruition, thanks in part to the rapid response of law enforcement, Beary said.

The chief told CNN’s Erin Burnett that he believes Seevakumaran built the bombs himself, but authorities were still trying to figure out how Seevakumaran was going to carry out his plan and whom he was going to target.

“It wasn’t exactly clear what the attack was going to consist of. However, he did have a time line of how he was getting ready and preparing and then in the end, he would just ‘give them hell’ is the quote that he used,” Beary told CNN.

When police entered the dorm room, they found Seevakumaran dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, a handgun, an assault weapon, a couple hundred rounds of ammunition and four homemade bombs in a backpack.

An Orange County Sheriff’s bomb squad team examined the explosives and rendered them harmless. Federal agents have joined the investigation, and the bombs were sent to an FBI lab to determine what materials were used.