Flash sale sites are the hot online shopping trend

Posted at 10:56 PM, Mar 18, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-18 22:56:10-04

(Manhattan, NY) – Diamond rings for $85.  Android tablets for $69.

These are real deals from real websites, vetted by the pros.

Flash sale sites, as they are called, are the latest online shopping trend.

To break it down, we went to the New York headquarters of Consumer Reports to meet with the Deputy Editor of ShopSmart magazine, Jody Rohlena, to find out if these deals are real.

“The ones we’ve written about are absolutely legit,” said Rohlena, adding, “These are real sites with real merchandise.  Its not like they are selling stuff off the back of truck.  Its typically overstock, it may be the last model or last season’s shoes but the products are still current.”

Sites like,,, and all offer discounts as deep as 90% off original prices of brand new products.

Experts say the only down side to these sites is that many are final sale and some return policies do not lend to any consumer recourse if the product you buy doesn’t work out.

But the sites mentioned here have been vetted by ShopSmart editors who say the return policies protect the consumer in those cases.

“One of the cool things about a lot of these sites is that you can sign up for email alerts so that the ideas come right to your inbox.  You don’t even have to look for it.  But here’s the thing: since they are coming to you, its a lot of temptation.  You have to keep yourself in check or you could overspend,” said Rohlena.