MealKU offers healthy home-cooked meals, delivered to you! (CLICK FOR PROMO CODE)

Posted at 5:36 PM, Mar 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-18 10:07:43-04


If you like to eat healthy home-cooked meals but don’t always have the time to cook, then MealKU may be for you!

It’s a new online program that invites you to be part of a food-sharing community that delivers right to your door!

Think of it like potluck meets takeout.

CEO Ted D-Cruz-Young said: “We need to connect more around food.  We waste too much food. We need to eat better.”

Here is how it works, according to D’Cruz-Young: “Home cooks who are part of our food community offer each other food.  So, when I’m cooking delicious food for myself or my family, I can offer it to other people in the MealKU community.  Likewise, if I a need to find a delicious meal, I can find hundreds if not thousands of folks I can choose dinner from.”

All cook are vetted by the company to be sure everyone knows the basic food protection standards.

The menu includes everything from Gluten-free pasta to Raspberry-lemon bars to Teriyaki chicken.  No money is exchanged between those cooking and those eating.

KU points are key.  In order to order a meal you need to have KU points.  Every time you offer food, you earn points.  Every time you order food, you spend points.

When you cook, you put your food for delivery, inside recyclable watertight bags that keep food hot or cold for up to an hour and a half.  Then a MealKU delivery person will show up at your door and collect your food then deliver it to those who ordered it.

You can be a member without having to cook but you will have to buy your KU points as opposed to earning them by swapping.

Member registration is normally $10/month.

MealKU has more than 2,000 members already and while the idea was born in New York City, the company is now rolling out its real food network nationwide.

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