Elevator-turned-toilet at Woodside Station frequently out of service because of urine

Posted at 9:08 PM, Mar 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-14 21:08:16-04

People are using a particular elevator at the Woodside train station as their own private restroom, and the urine is causing damage to the equipment, frequently putting the lift out of service, according to MTA officials.

It’s located at the far end of the mezzanine level of the complex where riders can transfer between LIRR trains and the No. 7 subway line.  It’s near a bathroom that’s closed overnight.

Riders expressed disgust over the stinky elevator.  And the president of the Long Island Railroad referred to it as a “vertical urinal” at a recent MTA board meeting.

The urine has led to some corrosion of the undercarriage and flooring, which has caused the doors to go out of alignment.    In February, according to a spokesperson for the MTA Long Island Railroad, the elevator was working and available a little more than half the time.

“Given it’s condition, this elevator is on a priority list for overhaul or replacement.  That decision will be made at the end of a formal assessment of elevator conditions systemwide that is still underway,” said spokesperson Sal Arena.