Baby falls eight stories and lives as mom dies in Harlem suicide

Posted at 12:00 PM, Mar 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-15 14:16:20-04

It was a sight that would stay with anyone.

An adult holding a baby – both of them plummeting out of an 8th story apartment building window Wednesday afternoon on Bradhurst Avenue in Harlem.

Police confirm the 45-year old mother died upon impact.

Her 1-year old son – miraculously survived.

Eyewitness Steven Dominguez told Pix11, “I heard like a small scream, like a yell, and I noticed something falling from the sky.”

“The baby bounced off her chest onto the floor, face down and was crying. My mother tried to pick up the baby, but there was already a detective there, and it was his responsibility after that. Yeah, I wish I never witnessed that. But I wish I nobody ever has to witness that. It’s disturbing, and horrible,” Dominguez said.

Harlem bullding fall

The woman and child fell from a window in this Harlem building. The mother died, but the baby was taken to an area hospital in critical, but stable condition.

Neighbors told reporters the woman was a lawyer and married.

This man says he lives two doors down from the couple’s 8th floor apartment…and tells Pix11 he heard them arguing about three hours before police say she jumped out of the window, while holding her baby.

Christian Johnson told Pix11, “When I came home, they were arguing. And I actually stopped to listen, and I heard screaming, and the baby was crying. He just kept saying why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, why would you put that stress on me? Why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, why, why? He was screaming, why, why?”

Neighbor Regan Connolly said, “I’ve lived in New York city for 30-years and I’ve seen all sorts of tragic accidents, killings.” Connolly says this is one death she just won’t be able to forget.

A law enforcement source tells pix11 they are investigating this a suicide, and that when the mother jumped out of the window – holding her son…that she was *alone* inside the apartment. Her infant son, is recovering at harlem hospital.