As unrest continues in Brooklyn, slain teen’s mother searches for answers

Posted at 7:23 PM, Mar 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-14 19:23:29-04

(Brooklyn) – Kimani Gray’s mother went before the cameras on Thursday, after another night of violence.  Carol Gray shed tears and tried to answer the media’s difficult questions about her son’s past.

There has been much reported about the 16-year-old Gray’s background, primary his alleged involvement in gangs as well as an auto theft.  His mother said that he associated with a large group of kids from the neighborhood and that they weren’t a gang.  As for the auto theft?  It was simply “joyriding.”

Yet she is still searching for answers into what led to her son’s death off of Church Avenue in East Flatbush last weekend.

“He’s not the public’s angel, but he’s my angel and he’s my baby and he was slaughtered and I want to know why? Even after the first shot, one shot.” said Gray as she battled her emotions, “Why the second bullet? Why third bullet? Why four bullets? Why?”

Police Brooklyn Riot Flatbush

Gray did not hold back even after Councilman Charles Barron conveyed that she would not address the rebellion of the last few nights.  However, when PIX 11 News asked Gray for her reaction to the images that have polarized her neighborhood and the city, she indicated she wanted to address it and said, “I don’t condone any riots any looting, any shooting, anything against any police officers.  Two police officers shot down Kimani and I only want justice for two police officers to be off the streets before they hurt another young kid.”

Considering that her son was reportedly shot in the front and back, she had a simple demand and sent a message to the King’s County DA office as well as Commissioner Ray Kelly, “I want a through investigation, a legal thorough investigation.  No smoke screen, no sugar coating.”

Throughout the day the NYPD beefed up its patrols and established a presence on every corner on one side of the street.  In one intersection there were members of the mounted unit. High above the NYPD chopper hovered. Barricades were brought in for the first time as well.

Concern lingered throughout the neighborhood as the sun was preparing to set for the day.  One store worker telling PIX 11 News, “What can you do if they riot?”

Residents, business owners and police will wait until night falls to find out.