Greece-bound man busted at JFK airport after allegedly drugging, raping and almost killing ex-girlfriend in Queens

Posted at 6:25 PM, Mar 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-13 18:29:22-04

He tortured, raped and attempted to kill a woman, according to cops.  Now, a man who entered the U.S. with a deadly plan and attempted to leave with the plan intact is instead in police custody.

According to police sources, around 2:00 A.M. Wednesday, the 23-year-old Greek man who’d come to the U.S. earlier this month, forced his way into the apartment of his 19 year-old ex-girlfriend, who now lives in Jamaica Hills, Queens.   Once he got inside the apartment near the St. John’s University campus, he carried out a list of crimes against the young woman.

“Rape, attempted murder, and by forcing her to take drugs, assault [second degree],” said Wally Zeins, a retired detective in the NYPD Special Victim’s Squad.  It’s the same unit which, by midday, had a sex crimes detective on scene going door to door, gathering information.

St. John's

The 19-year-old woman’s ordeal occurred inside her apartment near the St. John’s University campus.

By early afternoon, she was joined by a crime scene unit, other detectives and uniformed officers.  It was clear that this was a major crime.

“[He] goes in there with a stun gun, hits her with it 30 times, on the neck and back numerous times,” Detective Zeins told PIX11 News. “[He] makes her take a large quantity of Advil, she goes into stupor, he rapes her.  He tries to kill her.”

He fled, and she managed to wake up from her drugged unconsciousness hours later and call police.  She told them her ex was trying to get out of the country, headed back to Greece.

Cops were able to nab him at JFK Airport, after he attempted to board a plane to Europe with the stun gun in his carry on luggage.  He had been trying to escape the country with the weapon he’d used to carry out major damage, according to police sources.

“She almost died,” Zeins said.  “I’m suprised, being hit with a stun gun numerous times and forced to take Advil, that she’s still alive.”

The alleged attacker is being questioned by detectives in the Special Victims Squad in Queens.  He’s being detained on weapons charges, while NYPD technicians go over the rape and attempted murder crime scene in great detail, collecting evidence.  The 19 year-old victim remains in the hospital, recovering from her overdose.