Finally! Workout clothes that will burn calories for you

Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 13, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-13 18:38:17-04

Manhattan, NY – If you want to burn more calories without having to work out harder, then you may just be in luck!   Workout wear by Zaggora claim to do just that, by making you hotter, literally!

The full line of women’s workout clothes from pants to shorts to tanks to jackets, ranging from $100 to $128, has Cel-U-Lite technology that is designed to make your core body temperature rise.   “They’re crafted with a special lining in all of the clothes, and what it does is increases the amount that you are sweating as you work-out, therefore, maximizing the benefit of your workout,” explained Melissa Palmieri, adding, “We’ve done several studies that have showed that in 30 minutes, you increase your calorie burn by 11%.

While most of these clothes make you hotter, there is one piece of clothing that makes you cooler.  The sports bra.

“That’s just to keep it nice and cool and comfortable for you,” said Palmieri.

We had to try out the clothes to see if it worked us so we enlisted NYC trainer Terri Walsh, @artstudioNYC , of ART Studio in SOHO to help us out.  Walsh developed the Active Resistance Training, or ART method of fitness.  She has trained dozens of celebrities over the years.

“I do feel my core body temperature starting to rise and I haven’t even moved around yet,” said Walsh.

Walsh and I started a small cardio routine she designed to test out the clothes.  During the first workout, Walsh said, “I can already feel the clothes kind of helping the sweat along, so it will shorten your warm-up time.”

It is not like the company claims the clothes will help you burn calories without working out though.  You must move around.

“You can’t just be sitting on your couch, eating bon-bons and wearing Zaggora from head to toe and think you will get the effects.  We encourage women to get out there, be healthy and we’re going to give you a little boost along the way,” said Palmieri.