Brooklyn vigil for slain teen killed by NYPD snowballs into full blown riot

Posted at 9:12 AM, Mar 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-03-12 09:12:48-04

A candle light vigil turned violent Monday night in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. Dozens gathered to remember 16-year-old Kimani Gray. NYPD officers shot and killed the teen late Saturday night.

What started as a march, soon turned into a riot. Video posted on Youtube from OccupyBloomberg’s Ustream showed angry people screaming at the NYPD. According to reports from the scene, people vandalized property, looted and threw bottles at police. The NYPD said one person was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Overnight and into early Tuesday morning, police barricaded Snyder Avenue in front of the 67th precinct in East Flatbush. Police still wearing helmets, guarded the block.

“Tonight, we saw an explosion of anger from the youth in my community. We have talked about this anger for years, but still the resources have not come to address it,” said Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams in a press release following the riot.

“We have talked about the corrosive relationship between our community and the NYPD, but still the Mayor and the Commissioner have failed to address the root causes of this tension. Tonight, we saw that tension turn in a destructive manner.  I cannot and will not condone the damage caused to property or to person.”

According to police, Kimani Gray had a .38 caliber Rohm’s Industry revolver and he allegedly pointed it at the plain clothes officers Saturday night when they approached a group on East 52nd street in East Flatbush. The officers fired their weapons and the teenager was pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital. The gun was found at the scene, said the NYPD.