Sandy relief fund run by Gov. Christie’s wife comes under scrutiny

Posted: 11:18 PM, Mar 11, 2013
Updated: 2013-03-11 23:18:05-04

Non-profit charities have their hands full, trying to help erase the damage inflicted by a super-storm.

But is the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund – run by none other than Governor Chris Christie’s wife doing enough?

The first lady’s charity has reportedly already raised $32 million in the four months since Sandy slapped the Garden State, but has yet to disburse any of that money.

Senate to vote on $50 billion Sandy relief bill

Christie tells the Asbury Park Press her small staff has intentionally taken its time to carefully identify which charities should receive its funds.

She wants to still be around – handing out money two OR three years from now.

But in the trenches – that is, in the neighborhoods where families are still struggling to rebuild there is concern – without naming Christie’s charity specifically – that help isn’t coming fast enough.

Sea Bright restaurant owner Chris “Woody” Woods runs a local charity, “Sea Bright Rising” which has already raised more than a million dollars and has doled out 60-percent of it .

“As a charity you have to be very judicious as how you distribute those funds. We’re under a constant microscope. We can’t’ screw this up. We have to make sure we get the money to the people who deserve it. Not only from our perspective because we’ll be audited at some point, but from our donors’ standpoint as well”, Woods told Pix11.